Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Our Burden

Over the four past years in ministry in San Luis Rio Colorado, we have seen many things. We have seen Americans and Canadians by the hundreds flock to the city for missions trips, reaching out to a desperately needy people . We have seen three or four rehab centers for women open just this past year in SLRC but then close within several months.

There are many families in this city that are without fathers in the home or those men who are there are not the father of the children nor are they married to the mother. I know of one lady who has eleven children by five different men. Her youngest daughter is younger than her grand daughter. The daughters in these families have little hope of higher education. The street life is easy money but leads to a life of tragedy.

Many times, the father of the house travels across to “the other side”, as they refer to the United States, either legally or illegally to find work with the intention of sending home money to support the family. This works for a while, then the man finds the American lifestyle too appealing.

The money is under the table. He pays no taxes. He lives with 7 or 8 other Latinos in a dilapidated house trailer or crowded apartment or rented house, drinks heavily at night and soon forgets his “wife” and children in Mexico.

This leaves the mother with 2, 3 or more kids and no means of support. Her options are limited in that few Mexican women have any education above the junior high level. She can try to find a job in a store or in a factory but this pays an average of $50US per week. Too often she will have to supplement this income by working the street and bars or dancing in one of the clubs which operate in SLRC.

In each of these scenarios, the children are the ones lost in the chaos. The mothers and their children are paying an incredible price in San Luis Rio Colorado. Abandoned by their husbands and fathers, a single bare bulb burning overhead, huddled together to keep warm in their cardboard house on a cold winter’s night, or sweltering in the 100° heat of a desert night, these lost sheep are praying and hoping that tomorrow will be a better day.

You can help! You can go!

You can make a difference!

We are looking for people to live on site, full time, to teach and nurture. Short term missions teams are needed to help build the facilities and reach out to the community. Materials must be purchased. Staff must be paid. Food, clothing and utilities will need to be provided for.
Pray and ask the Father what is to be your part in saving these families!

Our Vision

We have received the following as a burden from the Father for these innocents, lost in SLRC.
  1. Establish a Christ-centered safe haven for women and teen girls beginning in SLRC which includes a discipleship training program to teach the Word and Biblical principles for a victorious life in Christ.

  2. Establish a center for the rescue of women caught in the web of the sex industry.

  3. Establish a day care to assist those mothers who have jobs to better care for their families.

  4. Establish a safe house for teen girls in crisis who have no other hope or opportunity to receive skills training or who need to be removed from an abusive situation.

  5. Establish a training program for women and teen girls that will teach literacy in Spanish and math, English as a Second Language, basic and advanced computers including word-processing, data entry and worksheets, fundamental life skills including parenting and money management and other abilities such as cooking and sewing.

Our Methodology

To accomplish and facilitate this center, we plan to:
  • Contact local churches and ministries in the Yuma area, eventually expanding out to Phoenix and southern California, drawing on our personal contacts in Pittsburgh, PA, Memphis, TN and Myrtle Beach, SC. In order to share the vision and give opportunity for folks to be involved..

  • To establish a board of directors from among these churches and ministries to provide for spiritual and emotional support and accountability as well as maintaining the integrity and fiscal accountability of the ministry.

  • With this board of directors, to incorporate as a non-profit, tax exempt corporation, establishing a constitution and by-laws to facilitate the execution of the vision.

  • Locate, train and disciple those persons who will serve as staff, either paid or volunteer at Hope House.

  • Research and contact those ministries that have already been created with a similar purpose in mind and heart to gain wisdom from both their triumphs and mistakes.

  • Purchase or construct a facility to house short term mission teams.

  • Organize short term missions’ trips for the purpose of refurbishing existing structures and building new facilities to accommodate the vision