Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Our Vision

We have received the following as a burden from the Father for these innocents, lost in SLRC.
  1. Establish a Christ-centered safe haven for women and teen girls beginning in SLRC which includes a discipleship training program to teach the Word and Biblical principles for a victorious life in Christ.

  2. Establish a center for the rescue of women caught in the web of the sex industry.

  3. Establish a day care to assist those mothers who have jobs to better care for their families.

  4. Establish a safe house for teen girls in crisis who have no other hope or opportunity to receive skills training or who need to be removed from an abusive situation.

  5. Establish a training program for women and teen girls that will teach literacy in Spanish and math, English as a Second Language, basic and advanced computers including word-processing, data entry and worksheets, fundamental life skills including parenting and money management and other abilities such as cooking and sewing.

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