Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Our Methodology

To accomplish and facilitate this center, we plan to:
  • Contact local churches and ministries in the Yuma area, eventually expanding out to Phoenix and southern California, drawing on our personal contacts in Pittsburgh, PA, Memphis, TN and Myrtle Beach, SC. In order to share the vision and give opportunity for folks to be involved..

  • To establish a board of directors from among these churches and ministries to provide for spiritual and emotional support and accountability as well as maintaining the integrity and fiscal accountability of the ministry.

  • With this board of directors, to incorporate as a non-profit, tax exempt corporation, establishing a constitution and by-laws to facilitate the execution of the vision.

  • Locate, train and disciple those persons who will serve as staff, either paid or volunteer at Hope House.

  • Research and contact those ministries that have already been created with a similar purpose in mind and heart to gain wisdom from both their triumphs and mistakes.

  • Purchase or construct a facility to house short term mission teams.

  • Organize short term missions’ trips for the purpose of refurbishing existing structures and building new facilities to accommodate the vision

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